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Reiki Workshops

We conduct Reiki 1, 2 and Master level workshops. They are scheduled on demand so please email Barb with questions and/or requests for training. 

You will receive a manual from the International Center for Reiki training,  handouts, an attunement, symbols in the level 2 and Master level, a certificate, and a healthy lunch. You will also get to practice and receive Reiki treatments.

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Healing Journey to the Valley of the Pyramids in Bosnia

June 2024 for Summer Solstice

Corky and Barb had 2 incredible experiences in Bosnia with the real-life Indiana Jones (archeologist) Dr. Semir Osmanagich (Dr. Sam).  This discovery is rewriting the history books as they have been determined to be 34,000 years old!  The tunnels that connect all of these ancient structures are immensely healing and down right amazing when you hear of all the healing stories!  Based on numerous requests, we are organizing a trip to experience them next June 2024.  Watch for emails that will provide more information about gatherings to explore this journey.

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