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 Balancing Energy & Raising Vibrations

Inner Harmony

Corky & Barb have come together in this lifetime to bring Peace, Love and Light to the planet.  One of the ways we are doing this is by rediscovering  and balancing our Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies.
At Inner Harmony you will find a supportive, nurturing , healing environment to help guide you to
access your own powerful Inner Light / Inner Healer. 
We provide a place for your spiritual growth and development. 
We guide you to find your inner harmony.


Energy Balancing

We use the exciting Bio-Well machine and energy balancing techniques from the ancients such as chakra balancing, pyramid energy, sound/frequency, and tuning forks. Each session is individually created to address energy issues that appear in your first scan from the Bio-Well Machine.

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Reiki Sessions & Training

Reiki is a Japanese hands-on technique for wellness.  The word Reiki means universal life energy. It is defined as being that power which acts and lives in all created matter. We provide Reiki energy sessions as well as workshops that certify you in Reiki levels 1, 2 & 3.

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Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Live your most balanced life now through life coaching and/or hypnotherapy.  We partner with you to help with your personal and professional life by tapping into your inner wisdom as well as connecting with the wisdom of the Universe.


About Us

Barb is a healer, teacher, and personal growth coach.  She is also a minister of Spiritual Peace Making acquired through James Twyman's seminary.  During the day, she works at FirstEnergy in leadership, employee and organization development. Her evenings and weekends are spent teaching Reiki, helping people learn, change and grow using hypnotherapy and life coaching. She also assists with physical wellness through the use of Reiki treatments, Reiki workshops and the use of vibrational therapies such as Acutonics tuning forks, drums and 7 metal Tibetan singing bowls. Barb also uses her voice singing with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and soloing at local Unity churches. 

Corky is a spiritual guide, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Shamanic Practitioner.  He studies the ISHA System of self discovery and is Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking through James Twyman’s Seminary.

Corky integrates his Gestalt Training, shamanic studies, Spiritual teachings, his connection to nature along with a lifetime of experiences into all of his work.  He also uses stones, crystals, drums and magnetics. Corky also brings his many years in Law Enforcement involving Crisis Intervention and Domestic Violence counseling into his practice.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"



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