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An eagle blessed us!

Corky and I were driving home yesterday when we saw a gigantic bird swooping down on us. It immediately became apparent that it was a bald eagle with it's white head and huge wing span. We were mesmerized! It circled us, the swooped down right in front of us. For a moment I thought it was either going to land on the road in front of us or on our hood. Then is swooped back up, circled us again, and flew away. We were in shock because neither of us have ever seen one in this region before - which led us to ask each other if we just experienced a vision or saw the real thing! Either way, we both had incredibly wonderful feelings rinse over us. I first felt that feeling of all is well. Then I felt joyful and almost giddy. Corky felt buzzed up and almost trance like. It was a very powerful, exciting experience!

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